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How do I cover my tracks?

What you need to do to delete browsing history with:



Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x for Windows

• Tools Menu

• Select Internet options

• In the General tab

• Click on Clear history


Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 for Windows

• Tools Menu

• Click on Delete Browsing history

• Click on Delete All


Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 for Windows

• Tools Menu

• Click on Delete browsing history

• Select History

• Click on Delete


Google Chrome

• History Menu

• Click on Erase all browsing data

• In the Erase browsing tab, click on Less than an hour or on All

• Click on Erase browsing data


Mozilla Firefox 1.5 to 3

• Tools Menu

• Select Covering my tracks

• Choose Cache

• Select Clear now


Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above

• Tools Menu

• Click on Delete recent browsing history

• Select Browsing and download history

• Select Search and form history

• Click on Clear now


Safari 1.3.2 and above

• History Menu

• Click on Clear history

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