Provides a temporary shelter in a warm supportive atmosphere through listening, support and crisis management to women victims of violence and their children, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


At all times

Emergency 911 or 506 739-6265

Text message  506 838-3531

  • Free stay

  • Food, bedding, towels, personal effects kit included

  • Establishment equipped with an anti-intrusion system and surveillance cameras

  • A warm and respectful approach, in complete confidentiality

  • A house adapted to the needs of persons with reduced mobility

  • A playroom and outdoor amusement park for children

  • The presence of a case worker at all times

  • Individual intervention

  • Help and support for material reorganization

  • A 24-hour/7 days per week helpline

  • A support, referral and advocacy service (lawyer, police officer, doctor, housing search, etc.)

  • Follow-up without shelter stay

  • Post-shelter follow-up



Sexual violence support centre

  • Provide intervention services that meet the needs of victims;

  • Collaborate with services referred to victims;

  • Offer information workshops and awareness, education and prevention programs.


Éclipse is there to facilitate a path from darkness to light. The different phases of an eclipse symbolize the transition experienced by a victim of sexual violence.

Direct assistance to victims

  • Support and service referral

  • Individual intervention

  • Group intervention

  • Support for loved ones

Based on the following values:

• Confidentiality      • Safety      • Respect      • Support      • Human rights      • Collaboration

I thought I was alone but there were thousands of us…

During my stay in Saint-Anne des Monts, a centre for addictions, the CALACS allowed me to understand that sexual assaults had an impact on my life. I had checked in NB and the only place I could get help was in Fredericton, in English. When I returned, I received services in my area, but they didn’t meet my needs. I needed someone who specialized in sexual assault. Escale MadaVic referred me to the Edmundston resource centre for victims of sexual violence.


Currently, I have a follow-up at Éclipse, as I experience different things, I talk to my case worker, we explore the situation and I always end up identifying the problem. She guides me on my journey and healing. I am discovering myself and, more importantly, finding myself. I just want to protect the little girl in me who was hurt, broken and betrayed and I want to give myself a chance to heal from the 45 years I spent punishing myself because of all the feelings of shame guilt, fear and anxiety I experienced through all these years.


I realized in therapy that it’s not my cross to bear. What I like is that I feel listened to, understood and respected. Finally, there is someone who can help me understand what I have experienced and allows me to identify my feelings.



Second stage housing program

Provide safe, affordable and adequate housing to empower women who have experienced domestic and family violence.

A program that helps women get out of an abusive relationship and establish a life free of abuse. Second-stage housing provides support in a safe and stable environment to prepare them to become self-sufficient.

Services include :

• Safe, affordable and adequate housing

• Environment conducive to healing and self-reliance

• Individual support

• Collective support

• Advocacy

• Support for children



Outreach Service

Addresses the different needs of victims of domestic, sexual and family violence by developing and implementing a safety plan, informing them, supporting them and accompanying them in their efforts

  • Outside assistance for victims of violence.

  • Provides women with better access to services and resources.

  • Creates a safety plan, offers emotional support, information and guidance.

  • Assesses risks and recommends safety measures.

  • Face-to-face meetings in safe locations.

  • Provides help, information and raises awareness in the community.